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Who's on your Board?

Updated: Feb 21

At a recent What If? Business Accelerator group meeting, we had a discussion about who sits on our Boards. Not necessarily an actual Board of our business, but the people who have, or had, the greatest influence on us. The voices we listen to, for better or worse!

The discussion wasn’t just about business but about each individual’s approach to their work, and balancing it with all of their other priorities. Which voices carry the strongest message that still has bearing on the way you are today, and is that a positive influence?

Some people might have been of the greatest influence during a different stage of your life – parents; teachers; friends; mentors. What did they say or do, and what impact did it have?

Perhaps there is conflict between people on your Board and the messages they bring. Is family pulling you one way, and your management team taking you in another direction? Does everyone on your Board know and support your vision?

Who is the Chair of your Board? Is it really you, or do other people play a greater role in the decisions that you make? Are you meeting their expectations or your own?

Does everyone still need to be there? What learning can you take from the people who are important to you, in life and your business. More importantly – who’s missing? What skills, expertise or knowledge would be useful to have, whether for your business or to help you let go of what is no longer needed and make space for what you really want.

These questions inspired a superb discussion about having the right people around you, and letting go of the influences that are not leading you towards the life that you want for yourself, your family, even your employees.

Nicki Eyre is Director of Conduct Coaching, based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK, as well as What If? Business Group Leader. She is a Transformational Coach and also an mBIT Certified Coach.

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