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Updated: Feb 21

When I first started coaching, I wanted to be in the room with my clients. I wanted to see them and feel their energy as well as being able to hear them. I was quite sceptical about coaching online – how could it possibly get the same results? Wouldn't it feel a little disconnected?

The only way to find out was to try it, and I knew that I needed to feel it for myself before using it in my work. That’s why I jumped on the opportunity to join an online mastermind and peer mentoring group when I was invited by the Global Head of What If? Business Accelerator, Richard Bosworth. After all, I know the value in having my own coaches to continue my own growth and development, and I loved the idea of having a group of advisors – my own personal Board – to support me in growing my own business as well as myself.

The group has 12 members with a range of backgrounds and skills, bringing diverse perspectives to the challenges raised. Not only do you get great advice from the group, but you are held you accountable when you commit to taking action!

Recently, we had a visitor from Europe to the group who was surprised by the willingness to be open, even vulnerable, with other members in this virtual environment. He asked if we had met each other in person. Other than a couple of exceptions, the answer was no. Our members stretch geographically from Harrogate to Hawaii; Stirling to San Diegeo; Surrey to Stockholm… (I’m running out of illiterations now, but you get the idea!).

“So how have you built such good relationships?” It was simple. Everyone who had joined the group had agreed to bring their whole selves; to be open and transparent about what might be troubling them (professionally or personally); to offer challenge in a supportive and constructive way; and to maintain absolute confidentiality within the group. It doesn’t matter that we haven’t met in person, because it feels like we have. There’s a sense of belonging; of trust; of knowing that you can turn to the group whenever you need them, and that it’s a safe space to speak your truth – what’s really on your mind.

So, having started as a sceptic, I’m now enjoying working online so much that I coach, mentor and deliver training online now, with collaborative projects around the world.

Nicki Eyre is Director of Conduct Coaching, based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK. She is a Transformational Coach and also an mBIT Certified Coach.

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