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The Leadership Team sets the standard for rest of the business​.  That's why we focus our facilitated workshops around creating a culture of respect, trust and feeling valued.


Each team event is tailored to meet the needs of the organisation.  We'll help you explore areas such as:

  • Review of the purpose of the organisation – what is the ‘why’?

  • What is the current culture and associated values? How are these embedded and embodied across the businesses?

  • How does the leadership team communicate the values and culture?

  • How do the leaders model these behaviours?

  • How are they embedded throughout the organisation? What's your evidence?

  • Responsibilities of organisational leaders

  • What changes have been observed/measured in employee behaviour during periods of growth?  What has been the impact?

  • Aligning values in recruitment and in acquisitions

  • What will ensure that your staff remain engaged during times of change?

We also develop individual coaching programmes alongside team events to enable each member of the leadership team to explore their own personal and professional growth.

Contact us for a FREE confidential discussion to find out more about how leadership team coaching can challenge and support the leaders in your organisation.

"A very enjoyable experience.  Already feel more motivated and keen to implement changes"


“Nicki supported us to set business targets, and didn’t let us shy away from the true goals, particularly as individuals.  The vision we finally set felt honest and authentic”


The Fuse Creative Marketing, Harrogate

“Nicki’s approach was really successful in helping to raise awareness and move us forward, both individually and as a team.  Being able to communicate with each other, without judgment, allowed us to look at the problems, and we were supported to set achievable goals that we could put into place quickly.  It’s been a really effective programme to enable change to take place, and we would definitely work with Nicki again.”

Brightwater Swim School, York

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