workplace bullying:

prevention through training, education & awareness

In line with our purpose, we commit to reinvest funds from every Conduct Change programme delivered to allow us to deliver Moving On programmes free of charge for individuals in need of support.

Prevention Programmes

"A really great day, lots of thought provoking content. Would highly recommend all businesses who care about their people attend this course! All my team had a super day."

"An enlightening session, opened my eyes to how easy it is not to acknowledge bullying"

The Conduct Change Model (TM Pending)

In the old adage of "prevention is better than cure" this comprehensive development programme recognises the need for parallel development between individual behavioural change and shifting the culture in the organisation. Centred around the unique Conduct Change Model (TM pending), it is flexible enough to adapt for people at any level of the organisation.

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Bullying Awareness Workshops

Worried about mentioning bullying in the workplace?  Start the conversations by improving your understanding of what it really means.  Bullying in the workplace is more complex that you might realise.  Explore the behaviours, impacts and benefits of different approaches in these workshops.


Available face to face or online.  Contact us to book your workshop.

E-Learning: Cyberbullying and CyberSecurity

Cybersecurity is a key element in tackling cyberbullying.  That's why we teamed up with the award winning cyber security training experts at Bob's Business to create the Bullying Awareness e-learning modules to complement their cybersecurity courses, all available through our e-store.

The Bullying Awareness course provides online learning based around three modules, suitable for the whole organisation, and ideal for inductions and refresher programmes:

  • Key facts and definitions -bullying, harassment & cyberbullying

  • Behaviours of bullying

  • Impacts and approaches

All courses are available as independent modules to both businesses and individuals.

Businesses purchasing for a larger number of employees  - contact us to discuss pricing options for a Managed Service providing access to all of the courses listed in the e-store.


​As cyberbullying becomes a growing concern, then linking your prevention approaches to your cybersecurity practice makes perfect sense.

Key Note Speaker

Nick Eyre founded of Conduct Change as a result of her own workplace bullying experience.  She is truly passionate about making a difference to the way in which bullying is dealt with in the workplace, and through the law.  She now speaks regularly at events and on webinars, sharing her insights and encouraging others to join the conversation and make changes in their organisation.

Contact Us if you would like Nicki to speak at your event.

Research & Campaigning

Led by our Advisory Board of experts and influencers, we have an ongoing commitment to continuously research developments in this area of work, and to develop our own proposals for new approaches, including in legislation.

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“It’s about people, NOT process”

“I now understand better how the impact in the individual changes their own behaviour.  The process makes them relive their experience when they really need time to recover”

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