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At Conduct Coaching we have a real passion for working with individuals and businesses to prevent and resolve workplace bullying.  Employees are supported to increase their own personal and emotional resilience, raising self awareness of their own behaviours and impact on relationships, enabling them to be able to cope effectively with more complex situations.

However, it never felt like we were making enough of a difference, and so the Conduct Change project was launched in 2019 to provide advocacy, campaigning, education and awareness raising about workplace bullying, and Nicki set about finding some amazing people to join her on the Advisory Board.

Sally Bendtson


Sally Bendtson, Owner of Limelight HR


Sally has over 15 years’ HR experience working for high-profile companies, such as the BBC, Red Bee Media, The Guardian, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central. She also has experience of working across the Finance, Hospitality and Property Investment sectors. Having moved from London to her hometown of Harrogate in 2016, Sally set up her own company, Limelight HR to help creative businesses who could benefit from her expertise; people who saw the potential in their staff, but who didn’t have access to HR support as a small, growing company.


Sally has dealt with numerous cases of bullying and harassment over the years and has found a flexible, considered and people-focused approach has been key to reaching a positive outcome for all involved. Sally believes that everyone has a right to be happy at work; happy people means happy bosses which leads to a productive, fun, supportive workplace.  This is why Sally is a passionate supporter of Conduct Change and would like to see a fundamental change in the way bullying and harassment are recognised and approached.

David Howell

David Howell

In July 1989 I joined the police service and began a career that would expose me to all manner of human behaviour, not only from within our communities and those people we policed, but also from within the police service itself. That behaviour ranged from truly inspirational to downright evil and it was that negative and dark side of people’s characters that left a defining and lasting impression on me, prior to retirement in 2019.

During those 30 years I was fortunate enough to have spent 18 years of those years serving on police air support working in the Midlands and latterly in London. This area of policing allowed me the opportunity to work with friends and colleagues whose sole intention was to make a positive difference.

It was however during those last three years of my career that I experienced working within a toxic culture and within an organisation that did not know how to deal with a style of leadership that was based on manipulation, coercion and bullying. I learnt so much from this negative and destructive culture and appreciated, more than ever, what great leadership was and also how important culture is in providing a psychologically safe environment for good people to flourish and develop, ultimately benefiting the communities that they desperately sought to protect and serve.

Although this period was undoubtedly a dark time for me personally, I was however fortunate to be supported by some inspiring people who had gone through, and experienced, similar situations. It was evident that the issue of workplace bullying, and the resultant cultures it produces, was more prevalent than I had initially envisaged.

Workplace bullying is, put quite simply, destructive. Organisations suffer from high rates of sickness, struggle to retain and attract good people and are creatively paralysed as people simply attempt to survive, managing their lives on a day-to-day basis. In the worst cases suicides can be directly attributed to this behaviour. The cost of this behaviour, be it consciously or unconsciously driven, is astronomical with failure being the resultant organisational consequence.

By supporting Conduct Chnage, in this truly worthwhile cause, I can now turn those negative experiences into a positive, helping others and heightening people’s awareness.

Ian Smith

Ian Smith

Ray Dawson

Ray Dawson


Andy Boocock

Andy Boocock

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