workplace bullying:

prevention through training, education & awareness

Preventing workplace bullying & promoting positive leadership 

prevention programmes

Prevention programmes include:



We focus on education to raise awareness and change culture within organisations.  We work alongside you to explore expected behaviours and conduct in the workplace, the different perceptions and forms that bullying could take, and the impact on not only work performance, but also the health and emotional wellbeing of the staff.  It can also include supporting staff to increase their own personal and emotional resilience to be able to better cope with complex situations, including supporting staff who are involved in allegations of bullying. 

Our range of programmes has been designed to meet the needs of businesses, but also offer confidential, independent coaching support for individuals.  Each programme is designed to help everyone recognise bullying, and understand the impact that it has on individuals, their behaviours, their health and emotional wellbeing, as well as exploring how those changes impact everyone involved, both at work and at home.  


Every situation is unique, and the programmes focus on prevention and early intervention, to minimise the long term emotional impact and potential mental health issues that are often faced.  Support is also available to help people to move on after experiencing bullying in the workplace.

We work closely with organisations to ensure that the development is appropriate and sustainable to meet both current and future needs.  The benefits to businesses are:


  • Better management of processes through greater understanding of bullying

  • Early intervention decreases risk of mental health issues and absenteeism

  • Increased probability of resolution through improved emotional resilience of both parties

  • Greater self awareness leading to improved relationships and communication

  • Work performance improved more quickly with ongoing coaching support

  • Employees feel heard and respected

  • Increased trust in the organisation

  • More positive workforce

  • Improvements in productivity and team effectiveness

  • More motivated and confident individuals and teams

Our work to tackle workplace bullying and transform workplace behaviours includes:


  • Working with Boards/Leadership teams to implement culture change

  • Understanding and modelling values in practice, not just policy

  • One to one coaching for senior leaders and managers with an emphasis on improving emotional intelligence

  • Audits to establish current position, and progress reports

  • Education: Bullying/Behaviour awareness training at all levels of organisation including the Board

  • Training your own managers to deliver a bespoke in house training programme

  • Improving induction training in relation to conduct and behaviour

  • Ambassador schemes

  • One to one coaching for individuals who have identified as feeling bullied, or been accused of being a bully



If you are dealing with bullying, or even just need to explore your own situation from an external perspective, then contact us today for a completely confidential discussion.

“It’s about people, NOT process”

“I now understand better how the impact in the individual changes their own behaviour.  The process makes them relive their experience when they really need time to recover”

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