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moving on

Preventing workplace bullying & promoting positive leadership 

moving on

This programme supports an individual to move on after experiencing bullying in the workplace, or having been accused of bullying (proven or otherwise).  The emotional impact often lasts for considerably longer than the experience itself, and can continue to have a detrimental effect on health, emotional wellbeing, home life and work performance without support to move forward.


It explores how to release any shame, anger, or guilt that they are carrying as a result of their experience, and to take responsibility for the impact of their own behaviours during the process.  It encourages the individual to embrace forgiveness, and to understand their power in making choices about how to respond and feel.  It is a truly individual and personalised approach to bring them back to the true and best versions of themselves.


This programme is open to individuals who have left their employment but are still struggling to move on. 


Businesses can also refer employees who have remained in employment after a bullying investigation (whatever the outcome). 


Solicitors dealing with employment law/stress at work claims may also refer clients.

If you are dealing with bullying, or even just need to explore your own situation from an external perspective, then contact us today for a completely confidential discussion and/or to book onto a programme.  Dates can be found on the Events page.

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Moving On from Workplace Bullying

All programmes now offered on a "Pay as you are Able" (or not) basis through Conduct Change - please help us fundraise for those who are struggling emotionally and financially to move on

Thanks for an amazing, empowering and informative course, and for your support. I have learned so much which will help

me move forward with greater awareness and confidence. 

"Nicki is the perfect coach.  She is warm and accepting.  I shared more with Nicki in one morning than I’ve shared with anyone – ever…!.”

"Nicki helped me overcome a past work-bullying experience through asking me simple questions that made me turn a negative experience into a positive one. She is definitely the Guru in Bullying at Work and how to avoid it and deal with it, whether as a management team or as an employee. Thank you Nicki for all the brilliant help you gave me"”

"Being in a safe and comfortable environment, with a coach who demonstrated the utmost professionalism gave me confidence to speak openly. There were times when I would take the conversation to unplanned places, but I felt I always had the time, space and permission to do this. Nicki would organically weave any new insights found on these tangents back into the central thread of our session."

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