changing behaviour in workplaces to create more courageous and compassionate approaches To prevent workplace bullying

How we help


Awareness raising, training, and coaching. Helping to develop value-led culture and workplaces where people feel safe to speak up


Coaching both the person who feels bullied and the person accused of bullying to change behaviours and improve relationships

Moving On

Personal development for individuals who have experienced bullying at work and are struggling to move on

We work with leaders and their teams; HR and L&D professionals; managers; and individual employees.


We help businesses of all sizes to shape their values and culture, and prevent workplace bullying.  

We bring independent perspectives to help resolve bullying complaints through sustainable behavioural change.

We support individuals who are struggling to move on after experiencing bullying in the workplace.

Who do we help?

Why do we care?

We believe that everyone deserves to be heard, valued and respected.

We understand the impact that bullying can have both on individuals involved, and on businesses, and want to help create more courageous and compassionate organisations.

That's why we also raise awareness through campaigning at a national level to educate and raise awareness about workplace bullying, and advocate for change both to approach and legislation.

  • Bringing an independent perspective

  • Retaining valued employees, skills and knowledge

  • Saving management time and money

  • Sustainable, long lasting behavioural change

  • Increased self awareness and emotional intelligence

  • Recovery and resilience

  • More able to cope with complex change and adversity

  • Rebuild trust and reputation

  • Improved working relationships

  • Positive, value-led culture and high staff engagement

  • Increased productivity and profitability

What we can help with

Moving On

Personal development for individuals who have experienced bullying at work and are struggling to move on

Advocacy, campaigning, education and awareness raising

about workplace bullying

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What our clients say about us

"Brilliant rapport and connection. You made me feel relaxed, comfortable and open to talk. I felt very emotionally safe and because of that have benefitted significantly from this coaching experience. I was ready for this and it was tough at times but rewarding and helpful thanks to Nicki."

“Nicki’s approach was really successful in helping to raise awareness and move us forward, both individually and as a team.  Being able to communicate with each other, without judgment, allowed us to look at the problems, and we were supported to set achievable goals that we could put into place quickly.  It’s been a really effective programme to enable change to take place, and we would definitely work with Nicki again.”

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